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*clears throat* if i looked you up in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of cute- *coughs* i mean, um, if i looked up dictionary in cute, thered- no, i meant *shuffles cards* if you looked cute up in the dictionary, there’d be a picture of me- *drops cards* i, uh *flusters* the, um *panics* the dictionary thinks you’re cute

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“This is a very strange scene to shoot. On the page it didn’t seem quite as sick as it did when we began shooting. It left us all with a very funny feeling in our stomachs. I think Benedict plays the predator brilliantly. And very against his natural character. He’s a very, very gentlemanly gentleman. Benedict was quite, kind of disturbed by the role he was playing and so we talked a lot about it and Juno was very supportive of him. In a way, it was more difficult for him to play the abuser than for Juno to play the abused. “

Dir. Joe Wright, Atonement commentary

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